An Alternative Perspective and Logic for Physics Cosmologies

Author: Paul Schroeder                         Our educational system provides for teaching of the physical nature of the universe and...

Author: Paul Schroeder                        

Our educational system provides for teaching of the physical nature of the universe and its spatial contents.More could be done. What is missing is a study of an alternate view which reexamines the universe so extensively that it would serve as a paradigm shift, as an expansion of one’s thought process.I provide here alternate views collected together from questioning 3 major current theories.Some regions of the science world are opening windows for alternate logic.

1. The Foundations

Three major physics model components and subsequent detail concepts are misleading to the world.   
a. The first distortions refer to light.Logically, light moves so it must be affected by gravity.  Overriding this view of light began over 100 years ago.  Relativity theory only survives while believers can sell the concept that light speed must remain constant. The reality is that, across space the source and the destination are gravitational bodies,both of which affect the speed of light.  The high speed of light locally trivializes the influence that gravity gives to light. Ignoring gravity is properly allowed until the distances become extensive.  But gravity gets ignored throughout so it never comes to bite long distance models. Obscuring a factor which may influence knowledge is bad science. Somehow the Doppler idea has captured minds and hidden gravity.
b. The next distortion to understanding our universe is within the definition of the universe.The universe is fundamental. Should it have an end, even God could not exist. Something has to be infinite for space to exist.  We seem afraid of the eternal so that we charge ahead making so much noise about space having a beginning and an end, that we cloud logic? This standard model view of the universe contains edges and boundaries which are used to hide ones theory flaws. Bottom line, space is seemingly infinite. Since space is a content of the universe, thus the universe is infinite.It is defined as being everything.
c. Once we understand light motion and the universe itself, then finally there is gravity for us to understand.  Gravity is functioning everywhere.  Unknown to science is the idea that gravity has a source. Gravity flows and its manner retains flow which doesn’t vary.  The common reference to the ‘attraction of gravity’ is our recognition of the determinable ‘side effects’upon flowing gravity by local matter. Correct understanding of gravity doesn’t support made up concepts such as dark matter, dark energy, boundaries of finite space, universal expansion, and Doppler for light, nor does it accept multi-dimensions.  
So, realize the universe being infinite.The contents of the universe are primarily space (with some matter bodies). Thus space somehow essentially provides gravity.  As with other physics concepts the idea of attraction (pulling ) is not a physically workable action.  Thus gravity must be a push. A push by itself is unlimited therefore gravity needs an offset. That offset can be either matter or other opposing directions of flows of gravity.  So we find that the measure of any ‘attraction’ caused by gravity is the net of interfering directions of flow. To arrive at this you must realize gravity penetrates matter as well as flowing throughout space.  
Anti-gravity is simply the push in opposite direction (ex. up rather than down).  We can redirect gravity beams, which lessens the downward push, and diminishes the weight of things we want to move.

What is it that the universe contains throughout? EM radiation is everywhere, just as gravity is everywhere. So in some manner Gravity must be the push of all EM radiation beams.  Actually the potential of EM radiation beams to push is also a factor of the wave frequency of the beams.Further analysis implies that EM radiation causes gravity infinitely in all 3 dimensional directions.

2. A New Model

Recognize that the universe is the optimum fundamental of life and is defined as the sum of everything. Being everything implies being infinite.Physics is boxed in under the standard model. The alternative perspective here makes note of the many of the details that become ‘The Universe is Otherwise’ -the Anti-Standard Model. Reconsideration and corrections are needed to redefine the universe within this Otherwise model:

Fundamentally, there is one universe: 
It is infinite in scope
It contains a physical gravity of a pushing nature.
There are ‘net’ effects of pressures from all directions within any sphere of space.Opposing pushes may have different forces. The resulting linear flow may be unbalanced and thus yield push pressure sometimes seen as attraction gravity.
The existence of the universe is real and its contents are primarily radiation. 

Regarding radiation:
  • We also call it space
  • It pushes
  • It penetrates - matter 
  • It travels as beams and is detected and classified by its wavelengths
  • It’s beams can be bent by gravity
  • It provides the motive/drive which controls orbiting
  • It can create matter - when waves intersect we get electrons. The degree of curvature
  • then defines neutrons and protons, thus weight via density.
  • It determines the electron quantity via the number of intersections (which gives spins)  -  and thus the form of matter.

Think about our electromagnetic spectrum being expanded to become a spectrum of existence.

Our logic wont take hold until we start removing the metaphysical concepts attended to within the standard model such as:
  •     Attraction gravity
  •     Universal expansion
  •     Dark matter
  •     Dark energy
  •     Doppler for light
  •     Boundaries of finite space 
Models such as the standard model succumb to fixed values assigned to the speed of light.  But ‘The Universe is Otherwise’ claims that speed c is overcome by gravity effects and long distance slowing occurs.

The concept of charge derives from an event which is produces a direction of flow from plus to minus.

Coincidentally anti-gravity also is simply direction of flow.  The more we might redirect the downward pressure of gravity, the less the weight and greater the mobility of masses focused upon.

3. Extending the model provides:

Spin: It’s source and why it measures as quantum (on or off) and its 2 directions
How central bodies drive their orbitals.  How that drive relates to Kepler’s third law.

Bent gravity beams provide the source of revolution of orbitals

Solar gravity beams also create the rotation and the winds for the planets.

Orbitals need the whirling of center body gravity in order to orbit.  The sun’s equator disburses the maximum whirling to drive planet flows. That drive diminishes at higher solar latitudes.

The microwave background confirms Olber’s law – light slows and becomes microwaves due to gravity.Gravitational red-shifting of light is everywhere.

The gravitation inhibiting black hole’s light would likewise inhibit light from very distant sources.  Mass and distance are the measures of gravity effects.

Wavelengths determine gravity penetration amount – consider red vs blue penetration

Why the surface of bodies incurs maximum forces (heat), not the body interior

Magnetism arises from redirecting gravity beams

Rotation effects are overlooked as we have focused on revolutions in the universe.

How the geometry of the universe is misrepresented by using constant light speed.Notice the need for geometry.   

Paired suns spin each other relative to their bary center.  Multi stars have a center of all spins which suggests the black hole. So galaxies have central black holes.
Multiple centers will exist and locations and contents vary with overall rotation. An inverse view also comes from plotting all spins of galaxial stars outward, away from center. This reveals the source of galaxy geometry.

There is an eclipse finding that the period under which the effects upon gravity exceeds the period of the effects of blocking of the light. This mystery supports ‘The Universe is Otherwise’. 

My laws of motion in space begin with equilibrium and counter clockwise rotations


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An Alternative Perspective and Logic for Physics Cosmologies
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